A recent poll taken by the American Red Cross revealed that, while most people still hold a very bleak outlook of the economy, 67% wanted to give more, or at least as much as the previous year, in charitable contributions over the Holidays. Even as they cut back on their own travel, decorations and gift-giving, Americans told pollsters they wanted to spend more on charity.

Findings from the Blackbaud Index of Charitable Giving indicated that charitable donations rose 3% in 2011. Still 5% below pre-recession levels, but a clear indication that charitable giving is in a recovery.

According to December 2011 report from CAF America, the United States now ranks the highest in terms of charitable giving, with 65% of polled Americans saying they donated money to charity and 43% volunteering their time.

So, what do we make of this? It is certainly a very good sign for those of us at CASA/LA who are perpetually faced with the escalating challenge of helping the vast number of foster children in our own community. As poverty is on the rise and all forms of government assistance are receding, we have come to rely more and more on individual donors to help us bring much-needed resources and support to the tens of thousands of vulnerable children caught up in the foster care system. Without the extra support from CASA volunteers, many of these frightened kids fall victim to addiction, homelessness and worse. But we do take heart.

Become a Statistic — The statistics look promising for 2012 and this community has always been kind to us and our CASA kids. We can only hope that the trend towards increased charitable giving becomes an ongoing reality for the children that urgently need our help. Please become a statistic.

Please call 323-526-6324, or click here today and make a generous donation toward helping a child inherit a better life.

Join us in saying: “I Am For The Child.”