adrianaAdriana Lopez knows and empathizes with the children in our court system with her heart and soul. From much of her own experience in life, she brings a unique understanding to our CASA program that provides her and her colleagues, pride and satisfaction. Adriana was raised by her grandmother in Mexico until she was six years old. Her father, who came to California for work, brought his young child to live with him at an age when she was ready to enroll in school. Speaking only Spanish at home and facing an English speaking group of children and teachers could not have been an easy or a comfortable transition. But Adriana mastered English, despite the difficulties she faced. Not only did she master English, she excelled in her classwork and made many friends.

At eighteen, because of difficulties at home, Adriana moved into the home of her best friend and was welcomed by that family. She certainly understands how teens think and feel, which is a particularly important asset, working in the family court system. Through determination and help from her adopted family, Adriana was accepted and enrolled at Cal State Los Angeles. She worked part time in order to attend college where she majored in Sociology. Upon graduation, Adriana applied to graduate school, was accepted and received an MA in Sociology from Cal State.

Adriana’s introduction to CASA was as a volunteer in 2011, during the time she was working on her BA and when CASA lost county funding. First, as a volunteer in the office, she helped with of a variety of office related tasks and when a Program Assistant position became available, Adriana applied and was hired in 2012. She was diligent and committed to the CASA program so that as soon as a Senior Program Coordinator opening occurred, Adriana was quickly promoted. She is a fast learner and now is working with 41 volunteers, helping them understand how the court system works and how they may best help the children we serve.

Adriana loves working with the seven to twelve year-olds. She brings her personal knowledge of how they feel, what their struggles are, as well as a determination to make a positive difference in their lives.

Adriana Lopez firmly believes that one person can make a difference! And she is living proof that is true. With that in mind, she is an outstanding, compassionate woman whose work and life reflects her love, understanding and calling for this important job that she so effectively performs.

–written by June Sale