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June 20 @ 2:50 am

This in-service training will review the scientific evidence regarding the impact of prenatal exposures on children’s neurobehavioral development. We will also review the available evidence regarding appropriate interventions to minimize the impact of these exposures. Current information on the structural and functional impact of substances of abuse will be discussed. Prenatal exposures to these substances can adversely impact brain development, leading to disrupted cognitive and behavioral functioning, however; these effects are not fixed at birth. Because of what is referred to as neural plasticity, meaning the brain has the capacity to repair itself, a child’s post-natal environment has the potential to change the impact of these substances. Given this post-natal potential, we will finally discuss the importance of advocating for and seeking supports of caregivers whose children are experiencing the impact of these types of pre-natal exposures

What is the impact of prenatal substance exposure on development?

What kinds of rehabilitative care are most effective?

How can I support a youth who may have experienced prenatal exposure?

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