Continuing Education Opportunity

Kinship Traditions of Caring and Collaborating Pt. 2 (Children's Bureau, Los Angeles)

When: April 4, 2018 from 10 am to 1 pm

This event is not sponsored by CASA of Los Angeles, but may be used to provide continuing education hours to volunteers. Use the link below for more information, and contact your advocate supervisor to see how this event may be used to count toward your continuing education hours, and where to enter this information in ETO.


Overview: This workshop aims to (A) provide public and private child welfare agency caseworkers with skills to support kinship families who are caring for their younger family members, and (B) offer supervisors strategies to support their staff in their work with kinship families. The training program embraces a model of practice that helps agencies ensure a shared vision, mission, objectives, values, strengths-based language, and best practice strategies to help achieve child safety, well-being, and permanency outcomes in the best interests of kinship caregiving families. This workshop is adapted from a research to practice, evidence-based curriculum that has been field-tested nationally.

Objectives Include: 1. Demonstrate why and how kinship care has become a policy choice and practice challenge; 2. Provide the rationale for collaboration as a trauma-informed model of practice; 3. Identify and provide examples of nine major issues of concern that require collaboration with kinship caregivers (including legal, health/mental health, child behavior, family relationships, fair and equal treatment, and more); 4. Demonstrate five competencies essential for collaborating with kinship caregivers, including addressing the dynamics of attachment versus authority, and demographic and cultural diversity; 5. Apply the five competencies to specific phases of service delivery, including engaging families and securing community supports; 6. Demonstrate specific collaboration practice tools with an emphasis on family assessment and trauma informed parenting; 7. Share strategies that support the transfer of skills from training to practice, including advocacy.

Participants and Facilitator: This two-part workshop is designed for public and private agency child welfare caseworkers and supervisors, representatives of kinship support groups, navigators, & advocacy programs, as well as staff who work with mental health, juvenile justice, and school programs. Kinship caregivers are also warmly welcomed. The facilitator will be Eileen Mayers Pasztor, DSW, who is a principal developer of the curriculum, trainer for CWLA (Child Welfare League of America), and professor at California State University, Long Beach School of Social Work.

Please remember that this is a TWO-PART training (3/22/2018 and 4/4/2018); ensure you RSVP accordingly to both.


For more information: RSVP to or 323.953.7350 x454 and search for the event title to RSVP for this continuing education opportunity.

Questions: To reserve your seat for this continuing education opportunity please use the link in the description above.

Please note this is not a CASA of Los Angeles event.

Contact program organizers directly if you have additional questions about the event. Speak with your Advocate Supervisor to see how this event may be used to count toward your continuing education hours.