We are delighted to acknowledge that February is National Parent Leadership Month!

What better reminder that we honor the parents who are playing a positive role in shaping their children’s future. This important initiative also seeks to raise public awareness of the need to prevent child abuse and neglect, while promoting opportunities for building and supporting strong, safe families.  I’m sure we all support this worthwhile goal…but what are we doing about it?

Unfortunately for many children In our own community, it is too late to have prevented child abuse and neglect. And a “strong, safe family environment” is simply not a reality in many of their lives.

There are nearly 26,000 children in Los Angeles County who have been uprooted and placed under Dependency Court supervision because they were abused, neglected or abandoned by their families. Most live in foster care and never return to their birth families. Sadly, without guidance and support from CASA/LA volunteers, many are likely to face a bleak future of unemployment, homelessness, incarceration or even suicide as young adults.

CASA of Los Angeles is dedicated to creating a “strong, safe family environment” for these vulnerable children…within the foster care system.

CASA/LA’s trained volunteers help foster children access the medical, legal, educational and financial resources that will carry them through their fragile childhood and prepare them to lead normal, productive lives.  We also know that the best possible outcome for any foster child under our guidance is to return to loving parents in a safe, stable and permanent home.

But we need your support so we can train more CASA volunteers and help more foster children achieve these brighter futures. CASA/LA is a 100% non-profit, self-supporting entity and we need your financial assistance. You can give our foster kids a real chance at happiness and success with your generous donation today to CASA/LA. Please call 323-526-6324 or click here today to make a generous donation toward helping a child inherit a decent life. Stand with us now to help at-risk foster children… Join us in declaring: “I Am For The Child!”