Free Transportation for CASA Kids+Youth


CASA of Los Angeles has partnered with HopSkipDrive and General Motors to provide free rideshare services to youth in foster care.

Every young person in care deserves the opportunity to participate in visitation, services, education and extracurricular activities. In Los Angeles, the challenge of distance and reliable, affordable transportation can make access to these everyday needs difficult. Through this partnership, children/youth can have improved access to a number of services and opportunities, including medical visits, mental health services, family visits, court hearings, tutoring, educational and vocational needs, and social events. Rides can be scheduled as frequently as needed.


Enrolling in the CASA/LA-HopSkipDrive Program


1. Enroll in the CASA of Los Angeles/HopSkipDrive program. Click here to enroll via ETO. This information is used to ensure CASA volunteers and caregivers are not charged for rides.



2. Download the HopSkipDrive App on the App Store or Google Play Store, or click here to signup on your desktop computer. Whoever will be booking rides on behalf of the child, caregivers or CASA volunteers, is the person who should download the app.

Download the HopSkipDrive App for Apple  Download the HopSkipDrive App for Android

 Sign Up On Your Desktop

3. Book Rides:  Caregivers or CASA volunteers can book rides directly from the app or desktop. Choose the date, time. Add your rider, and include pickup and drop-off information.
Please Note: Credit card information is NOT REQUIRED, so there is no need to enter a card number on the “review booking” screen. Simply click the Book Ride button, and you’ll be all set.

4. CareDriver Profile. When your ride has been matched, you’ll receive an email containing the CareDriver’s profile, including name and vehicle information. On the day of the ride, follow along in the app for real-time progress updates during your child’s ride.


1. Read our CASA/LA-HopSkipDrive FAQ

2. Help with ETO Touchpoints:  Contact the CASA office: or (323) 859-2888 x 6354

3. Help with using the HopSkipDrive app:   CASA volunteers and caregivers can view instructional videos on signing-up and booking the ride on the HopSkipDrive website and visit the HopSkipDrive help center.  CASA volunteers can also reach to

4. Questions about the program: Maegan Mattock, director of advocacy: