Super Special Education: September 2021 
Super Special Education Presentation
Super Special Education Presentation _ Large Format

Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers (LADL): September 2021
Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers Presentation
Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers Presentation _ Large Format

Early Childhood Mental Health: September 2021
Early Childhood Mental Health Presentation
Early Childhood Mental Health Presentation _ Large Format

AB12 and Working with Transition Aged Youth (TAY): August 2021
AB12 and Working with Transition Age Youth (TAY) Presentation _ Large Format
YLC & QPI – Child Tax Credit FAQ
YLC – TAY Pandemic Funding Maximization Matrix
WIC 11400 Definitions
What is SSI Pamphlet
Chafee Cash Card _ FAQ Flyer

Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (MAT): August 2021
MAT Presentation
MAT Presentation _ Large Format
MAT Brochure

Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD): August 2021
CRCD Presentation Slides
CRCD Presentation Slides _ Large Format
Ruths’ Place flyer
CRCD Flyer

Court Report Writing: August 2021
Court Report Writing Presentation
Court Report Writing Presentation _ Large Format Slides
CASA Sample Report
Summary & CASA Position Exercise

Regional Center 101: July 2021
Regional Center 101 Presentation Slides
Regional Center 101 Presentation _ Large Format
IPP and IFSP Advocacy Manual
Regional Center Basics
Regional Center Basics _ Spanish

Hillsides: Community Resources for Foster Youth: July 2021
Hillsides Youth Moving On Presentation

Early Education: July 2021
ACR _ IEP Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic
Early Start _ Special Ed Assessment Requests
Education Manual
Regional Center Records Request
Services Log

Improving Outcomes for Children/Teens with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): July 2021
FASD 101 Presentation
FASD 101 Presentation_Large Format
8 Magic Keys: FASD Resource for Educators
Caregiver Resource Guide
Overlapping Characteristics of FASD
FASD Alcohol Use _ Spanish
FASD Fact Sheet _ English and Spanish
FASD Fact Sheet _ Spanish
FASD Informed Lens
Fathers Role
King + Olson 2010 FASD chapter

Obtaining a Legal Name and Gender Marker Change in Dependency: June 2021
Obtaining a Legal Name and Gender Marker Change in Dependency Presentation
Name and Gender Marker Change Resources
Name and Gender Marker Change Petitions 

Supporting  the Mental Health of LGBTQ Youth: June 2021
Supporting the Mental Health of LGBTQ Youth Presentation
Be an Ally: Know When to Speak Up
Gender Pronouns
Queer Youth of Color
Gender Unicorn

Transyouth: Their Health and Safety: June 2021
Transyouth Health and Safety Presentation

LGBTQ 101: June 2021
LGBTQ 101 Presentation
Resource Packet
Glossary of Terms

Benefits: Funding and Fostering Rates: May 2021
Benefits: Funding and Fostering Rates Presentation
Tier Rates for Los Angeles
Benefits at a Glance
Level of Care Rate Determination Protocol Matrix

Fatherhood Engagement: May 2021
Fatherhood Engagement Presentation
Father Resource Guide

Court Report Writing: May 2021
Court Report Writing Presentation
Court Report Writing Presentation _ Large Format Slides
CASA Sample Report
Summary & CASA Position Exercise

DCFS 101: May 2021
DCFS 101 Presentation
Monthly Fact Sheet _ March 2021

DCFS Core Practice Model: April 2021
DCFS Shared Core Practice Model Presentation
Core Practice Model _ Practice Behaviors
Core Practice Model+23
Fideilty Points

The Basics of Juvenile Competency: April 2021
The Basics of Juvenile Competency Presentation
CA WIC Code § 709
Competency to Stand Trial Protocol 3-1-19
Competency Training _ Aacres California

Supporting Transitions for Youth in Out of Home Care: April 2021
STAND with Me _ Guidelines for helping young children with transitions
Transitions Presentation Slides

New Opportunities Organization: April 2021
New Opportunities Organization Catalog 2021
New Opportunities Organization General Info Sheet
New Opportunities Organization _ Distance Learning ENGLISH
New Opportunities Organization _ Distance Learning SPANISH

Kidsave: March 2021
Kidsave Presentation
Kidsave – CASA Referral Form
2021 Weekend Miracles
WEEKEND MIRACLES Youth Booklet 2021

Child Care: A protective factor for young children and their families: March 2021
Childcare Alliance _ Child Care Bridge Program Presentation
Childcare Alliance _ Child Care Bridge Program _ Large Format
Office for the Advancement of Early Care and Education
Strengthening Families through ECE

Mandatory Reporting: March 2021
Mandatory Reporting Presentation
CARES Announcement
CARES Cheat Sheet
Electronic SCAR Cheat Sheet

African American Infant & Maternal Mortality (AAIMM) Prevention Initiative Doula Program: March 2021
AAIMM Presentation Slides
AAIMM Presentation Slides _ Large Format
AAIMM Doula Client Flyer
Client Interest Card
Frequently Asked Questions

Supporting the Healthy Sexual Development for Youth in Foster Care: February 2021
Healthy Sexual Development Presentation

Court Report Writing: February 2021
Court Report Writing Presentation
CASA Sample Report
Summary & CASA Position Exercise

Gangs: Myths, Realities, and Supporting Youth Involved: February 2021
Gang Presentation
A Guide to Community Based Gang Intervention
Working With Gang Affiliated Youth
Estrada, Hernandez, & Kim (2017)

Medical Advocacy for Early Childhood: January 2021
Medical Advocacy for Early Childhood Presentation
CDC Milestones Tracker

Special Education: January 2021
Special Education Presentation
Services Log
Records Request
COVID-19 IEP Request Letter
Requesting a Special Education Assessment
Education Manual
Special Education and Early Intervention Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic

Advocating for Dual Status Youth: Understanding the 241.1 Process
Advocating for Dual Status Youth Presentation
Abbreviations and Terminology

Suicide Prevention: January 2021
Suicide Prevention Presentation
About Suicide
Survivors After Suicide Brochure
Grief Support Group for Teens
Survivors of Suicide Attempts Support Group

Educational Advocacy for Crossover Youth: December 2020
Educational Advocacy for Crossover Youth Presentation

Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) Early Head Start Program: December 2020
Early Head Start Program Flyer
Referral Form

Disability Rights Center: December 2020
Disability Rights Center Presentation

Independent Living Program (ILP): November 2020
ILP Presentation
Youth Information Sheet for Eligible ILP Services

Court Report Writing: November 2020
Court Report Writing Presentation
CASA Sample Report
Summary & CASA Position Exercise

General Education: November 2020
Court Companion to the Foster Youth Education Toolkit

Intro to the Juvenile Justice System: October 2020
Intro to the Juvenile Justice System Presentation
CASA Guide to Juvenile Justice
Juvenile Justice Share and Support

Teen Dating Violence: October 2020
Teen Dating Violence Presentation
Teen Dating Violence Handouts

Substance Use: October 2020
Substance Use Presentation

Harm Reduction: October 2020
Harm Reduction Presentation
Harm Reduction Principles

Expectant and Parenting Youth: September 2020
Expectant and Parenting Youth Presentation

Healthcare for Foster Youth: September 2020
Medi-Cal for Foster Youth
Bullet Points

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC): September 2020
CSEC Presentation
Resources for Working with CSEC Youth

Regional Center 201: September 2020
Regional Center Presentation

Super Special Education: September 2020
Super Special Education Presentation

Court Report Writing: August 2020
Court Report Writing Presentation
CASA Sample Report
Summary & CASA Position Exercise

Understanding Mental Health
Understanding Mental Health Presentation
Motivational Interviewing Overview and Tips
Motivational Interviewing Techniques and Skills
Youth Crisis Housing and Drop-In Center Resource List

AB12 and Housing Options for Transitional Age Youth: July 2020
AB12 and Housing Options for TAY Presentation
LA County Scholarship Resources for Foster Youth
ACL on NMD Accommodations for COVID
SILP Readiness Assessment Tool
SILP Inspection Checklist

Early Education: July 2020
Early Education Manual
Assessment: Early Start
Regional Center Records Request
Special Education and Early Intervention Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic
Services Log

Regional Center 101: July 2020
Regional Center 101 Presentation
Regional Center Basics
Regional Center Basics (Spanish)
IPP and IFSP Advocacy Manual

Obtaining a Legal Name and Gender Marker Change: June 2020
Name and Gender Changes in the Dependency Court Presentation
Name and Gender Change Resources
Name and Gender Change Petitions in Dependency Court
Name Changes for Minors in CA

Transyouth and their Health: June 2020
Transyouth and their Health Presentation

Queer Youth and their Mental Health: June 2020
Queer Youth and their Mental Health Presentation

LGBTQ 101: June 2020
LGBTQ 101 Handouts
RISE Referral Form
Genderbread Coloring Page

DCFS 101: June 2020
DCFS 101 Presentation
DCFS Court Flow Chart
DCFS Fact Sheet
Dependency Who’s Who

Reproductive and Sexual Rights: May 2020
Reproductive and Sexual Health Presentation
Getting Sexual and Reproductive Health During COVID-19 A Guide for Young People in CA Foster Care
Developmentally Appropriate Approaches to Discussing Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights with Foster Youth

Benefits for Foster Youth: May 2020
Benefits for Foster Youth Presentation
Benefits at a Glance

UCLA TIES for Families: April 2020
UCLA TIES for Families Presentation
TIES Brochure
APSS Flyer

Special Education During a Pandemic: April 2020
IEP Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 IEP Request Letter
Services Log (Everything)
Services Log (SAI)

Supporting Grieving Children as a CASA: April 2020
Supporting Grieving Children as a CASA Presentation
Explaining Death to Children When Someone Dies from COVID-19

Court Report Writing: February 2020
Court Report Writing Presentation 2020
Summary & CASA Position Exercise with Explanations

CSEC: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: February 2020
CSEC Presentation

Gangs: myths, reality, and the best way to advocate for youth involved: January 2020
Gang Presentation

Domestic Violence: November 2019
Domestic Violence Presentation
Preventing ACEs
Warning Signs

241.1 Dual Status: October 2019
Dual Status Presentation

Mental Health Stigma & Discrimination: September 2019
Mental Health Stats
DMH Resources

Pregnant and Parenting Teens: June 2019
Pregnant and Parenting Teens Presentation
Parenting Support Plan
Talk to Your Baby

How to Read IEPs: May 2019
How to Read IEP’s Presentation

Special Education: March 2019 
Special Education Presentation
Assessment Request

Regional Center 101: October 2018
Regional Center 101 Presentation
Lanterman Act
Press Release
Regional Center Services and Descriptions

Educational Advocacy for Dually Involved Youth: October 2018
Education Advocacy for Dually Involved Youth Presentation

Transitional Aged Youth (TAY): July 2018
Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Presentation

DCFS First 60 Days: July 2018
DCFS First 60 Days Presentation

Reproductive and Sexual Health: June 2018
Reproductive and Sexual Health Presentation

Resources for Pregnant and Parenting Teens: June 2018
Resources for Pregnant and Parenting Teens in Foster Care Presentation

Continuum of Care Reform (CCR): June 2018
Continuum of Care Reform Presentation

General Education: May 2018
Foster Youth Education Toolkit

Individual Education Plans (IEP): May 2018
Understanding IEPs and How to Read Them Presentation
Sample IEP
IEPs Presentation
Education Manual 2018
Education Records Review Grid
IEP Assessment Request
IEP Records Request

Working with LGBTQ Youth: April 2018
RISE Program for LGBTQ+ Youth
RISE Program Referral Form

Benefits for Foster Youth: April 2018
Foster Benefits Presentation
Foster Benefits at a Glance
Resource Family Approval Guide

Special Education: March 2018
Special Education Presentation
Education Manual
Records Request
Assessment Request
Education Records Review Grid

Regional Center Services: July 2017
Regional Centers Presentation

Court Report Writing Refresher: May 2017
Court Report Writing 101 Presentation

Kidsave: Adoption Issues for Older Kids: March 2017
Kidsave Presentation

The Adolescent Brain: January 2017
Understanding the Adolescent Brain and Behavior in the Context of Foster Care Presentation

Super Special Education: December 2016
Super Special Education Presentation

Resilience and Education Needs for Traumatized Youth: November 2016
Addressing Barriers to Educating Foster Children through Laws & Effective Practices Presentation

How to Read an IEP: November 2016
Understanding and How to Read IEPs Presentation
Education Manual 2015

Working with Teenagers: November 2016
Ten Essential Tips for Working with Teens

Interviewing Children: October 2016
Interviewing Children Presentation
Ten Step Investigative Interview
Interviewing Children Research Handout

Healthcare for Foster Youth: October 2016
Medi-Cal for Children in Foster Care
Minor Consent & Confidentiality Presentation
Improving Outcomes for Expectant and Parenting Youth in Foster Care Presentation

The Shared Core Practice Model: September 2016
The Shared Core Practice Model Presentation
Get to the Core Handout
SCPM Wheel and Strategies Handout

Education 101: September 2016
Education 101 Presentation
ERH Records Request Form
Records Request Checklist
CASA Ed Evaluation Template
Calculating Partial Credits for High School Foster Youth

Early Intervention: August 2016
Stories from People living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders
Your Child at 18 Months
Early Start Referral Letter
Preschool Resources
Regional Center Advocacy Attorney Referral Form

All about Adoption: August 2016
Roles and Timelines for Adoption

Navigating the College Landscape: July 2016
Foster/Kinship Care Education & Independent Living Programs
EOP&S Care
Pasadena City College STARS Program
Foster Youth Mental Health Bill of Rights
California College Pathways website
Independent Living Program website

Domestic Violence: July 2016
Domestic Violence and Children Presentation
The Child Witness of Domestic Violence
How You Can Support a Victim of Domestic Violence

Cultural Competence: Understanding Unaccompanied Minors, June 2016
Unauthorized Families & Unaccompanied Minors Presentation

Family Finding, Part 2: June 2016
Family Finding Discovery and Engagement Presentation
Tree of Life Exercise
Tree of Life Template
Stephen’s Scenario: Finding and Engaging Connections
IRC Rwanda Mobility Mapping
Signs of Safety Residency

Family Finding, Part 1: June 2016
Family Finding Overview: Creating Urgency LA
Article: What is Family Finding?

Latino Population: May 2016
Latino Population Presentation

Childhood Obesity: February 2016
WIC & CalFresh Flyer
WIC For Out-of-Home Caregivers
WIC For General Caregivers

Special Education: January 2016
Educationally Related Mental Health Services: Laws on Assessment and Services

Implicit Bias: August 2015
Implicit Association Test

Rise Adapted Training: LGBTQ Issues, June 2015
Laws and Policies Protecting LGBTQ Youth from Discrimination
Kevin’s Story Transcription
Continuous Learning Resources
Sexual & Gender Minority Youth In Los Angeles Foster Care
Rise LGBTQ Glossary

Talking to Children and Teens About Sex: June 2015
Ask Me Anything
Sexual Awareness and Education Resources

Star Court: August 2014
CASA Powerpoint Presentation

Adolescents, Depression and Psychotropic Medication: June 2014
Depression Presentation

Crossover Youth: May 2014
Crossover Youth Training for CASA
Education Laws for Foster and Probation Youth
Sample CASA Court Letter

Early Intervention: April 2014
Early Intervention 101

Undocumented Foster Youth: February 2014
In-Service PowerPoint Slides
DCFS Policy: Immigration Options for Undocumented Children & Families
DCFS Policy: Special Immigration Status (SIS)

Benefits for Caregivers: January 2014
In-Service PowerPoint Slides
Foster Care Social Security and SSI Assistance Program for Foster Youth
SSI Screening Guide