lauriLauri believes in finding the strength in each person and family and building and enriching that capacity to its fullest.  That is the path she followed throughout her life.

Lauri was born and raised in West Los Angeles and is the youngest of three children. As a youngster, she followed in her brother’s footsteps.  Strong and competitive, she excelled in sports and school.

One teacher who made a strong impression on her was Mr. Loaff.  He taught 5th and 6th grade and established a decathlon for her class.  She loved the challenges and placed first in 5th and 6th grade! She well-rounded participant, not only winning, but learning how to lose with grace and dignity, too.

Lauri went on to Stanford for her college career.  Again, she excelled and earned a degree in international relations (couldn’t we use her knowledge in the world today?).  Interestingly, Lauri and her mother were enrolled in college at the same time; her mother enrolled at LMU while Lauri was at Stanford. Her mother returned to college to finish her degree that she had abandoned to marry and raise a family.  Lauri was a great support for her mother, who was a bit anxious about again entering the academic world as an older student.

Lauri attended California State University Long Beach and obtained her master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis on marriage and family counseling in 1993.  After working as a family mediator for Los Angeles Superior Court, and to our good fortune, she was initially hired by CASA in 1994 where she remained until 2000.  After a six year hiatus, to spend time with her young boys, Lauri returned to CASA in 2006.

Lauri married Dan Halderman in 1993 and has two boys 18 and 15.  Her oldest, Drew is a freshman at USC and is majoring in mechanical engineering. Matthew is a sophomore in high school.  Drew and Matthew are her pride and joy.

The emphasis on early childhood for CASA has been enthusiastically adopted by Lauri.  She has provided strong leadership in paving the way for the training and introduction of this unique and life-saving program for our youngest children in the court system.  Her understanding of the law and how it can fit to the advantage of young children and their families is invaluable.  She leads by emphasizing strengths that can be found in some of the most vulnerable children and families.  We are fortunate to have a senior program coordinator with such varied skills.

–Written by June Sale