The facts of a case form the basis for a CASA’s recommendations to the court.

Jasmine was born with numerous medical problems, including laryngo/tracheomalacia, or weak throat muscles. Because she couldn’t swallow, Jasmine relied on a gastronomy tube for all of her nourishment for nearly three years. Worse still, she had been hospitalized several times for aspiration pneumonia. Her CASA, Carol Marlowe, began attending all of her doctor’s appointments, and based on a suggestion she got from a doctor, Carol recommended that Jasmine be enrolled in a barium swallow study—something Jasmine’s social worker didn’t have authority to approve. The court agreed with Carol’s recommendation and ordered the study, and, as a result, the doctor determined Jasmine could benefit from occupational therapy to teach her how to swallow. Jasmine responded so well to the therapy that she is now eating soft food, a key developmental milestone, and she hasn’t aspirated since.