CASA of Los Angeles presented the Robert Morrison Community Service Award to Richard Riordan at the Third Annual Evening to Foster Dreams Gala on May 12, 2015.

The Honorable Richard J. Riordan was born in Flushing, New York. He attended Princeton University, Michigan Law School, and served in the Korean War before moving to California.

A well-established and highly respected attorney, entrepreneur, and philanthropist before entering public service, Riordan served two terms as the Mayor of Los Angeles from 1993 to 2001.

In 2003, Governor Schwarzenegger appointed Riordan as California Secretary for Education. A strong believer in the need for meaningful education reform, he created legislation that demanded accountability and ensured that every California student benefited from a quality education.

In 1981, Riordan created The Riordan Foundation with the mission to provide students, especially those in low-income communities, with access to a high quality education that will prepare them to compete successfully in the 21st Century. In addition to the foundation, he co-founded The Riordan Programs at The Anderson School at UCLA, an organization that serves high school students and recent college students through the use of mentors, educational workshops and community service.

In his spare time Riordan is an avid bicyclist and ardent reader.