Rosa ArevaloThe importance of family is vital to Rosa’s well-being and who she is. She has ten siblings who are all in helping professions: one brother is a surgeon, another a priest; one sister is a teacher, another, a social worker, the list goes on. All have had a college education due in part to Rosa’s mother, who was only able to go to school through fifth grade but she firmly believed that education was an important part of living a good life and giving to others. She embraced this idea herself and insured her children would have every opportunity to be well-educated and thrive.

Rosa came to the United States from Mexico when she was 26 and joined her father, a migrant worker who also stressed the importance of an education. She completed her BA at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and attended Cal State Los Angeles where she completed her master’s degree in psychology. Rosa was awarded a Vivian Weinstein fellowship in child advocacy at UCLA’s School of Public Policy.

Before coming to CASA, Rosa worked at Westside Children’s Center for 19 years. Now, in addition to her work as a CASA senior program coordinator, she is an adjunct child development instructor at East LA Community College.

We are so fortunate to have Rosa as a leader in CASA. She believes that the early years are vital in establishing a healthy, productive life and future for children. This belief underlies her work with our volunteers.

We also benefit from Rosa’s ability to translate difficult and troubling situations into understandable, and solvable, problems. Her fluency in Spanish is a blessing not only for us, but for the many monolingual children, parents and caregivers we serve.

I cannot close this brief biography without noting that Rosa always looks elegant. She is not only a beautiful, she is a lovely, caring woman who will go above and beyond her job description.

–written by June Sale