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When Rory Hutton and Roberta Bloom heard that a couple in Colorado was interested in adopting all five siblings for whom they were Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs), their first reaction was disbelief.

“I really needed to talk to these people,” Rory says. “Who were they? What were they all about? Why did they want five children, one of whom had a serious disability? I had lots and lots of questions, some of which probably seemed rude.”

Rory’s role, after all, was to advocate for what was best for the kids, and neither she nor Roberta had ever heard of a family adopting five children simultaneously.

In the end, however, it wouldn’t take a miracle to make it happen, just the core work of a CASA.

To begin the process, the children were placed in foster care with Tom and Chris. Through a special donation from a CASA supporter, Rory spent a week in Colorado with the family. She carpooled with them, attended the kids’ doctor’s appointments, talked with their teachers. She watched as Tom and Chris assigned chores and granted privileges. She saw the eagerness with which they filled three shopping carts and ran 15 loads of laundry each week. And she noted with great interest that little Andrew had taken to falling asleep on Tom’s shoulder while the family watched movies in the evenings.

The adoption papers were signed a couple months later, and what is expected to be a final hearing for the children—now ages 15, 14, 12, 9, and 7—is set for July.

Such a quick and favorable outcome was made possible by the extraordinary dedication and perception of Rory and Roberta, as well as the generosity of people like you.

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* For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, names and several other identifying details have been changed.