The Promise of Spring

This is the month of transition.  It’s the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.  As Charles Dickens put it, ”…Summer in the light, Winter in the shade.”  It’s the time of year for new beginnings.  You see the signs of renewal everywhere. The weather’s warming up. Plants are coming to life.  Yes, March is reliably the promise of all good things to come. Will you help us bring this promise into the lives of children in foster care…some of whom know only despair?

This month, like every month, more than 700 frightened children from our own communities here in Los Angeles County will be uprooted from their homes and placed into court custody because of abuse, neglect and abandonment suffered from their own parents. They will be suddenly thrust into a foreign world; forced to leave their families, their surroundings, their schools, and their friends to enter the foster care system. They will find themselves alone and cut off from everyone and everything they know. Many may never return to their birth families.

Our mission at CASA of Los Angeles is to be a pillar of support and stability for these vulnerable young people. CASA’s trained volunteers help foster care children access the medical, educational and practical aid that will put them on the course to lead more productive lives. And let’s be clear about this, foster care children are at extreme risk. Without our support, far too many of them face chronic unemployment, homelessness, addiction and even suicide as young adults.

We cannot let this happen.

In all, there are nearly 26,000 children in Los Angeles County that are in the foster care system. We help as many as we can, but we must do more. CASA of Los Angeles is a now a non-profit, self-supporting entity and we need your financial assistance. Please help us to train more volunteers and serve more children.

With a generous donation to CASA, you can bring the promise of Spring into the life of a frightened child. We are in the midst of our annual fund raising campaign which ends on June 30th so there is still time to make a real difference in the plight of children in foster care in Los Angeles County. We are standing up for the most vulnerable members of our community. Please join us by making a donation which says: “I Am For The Child!”