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February 20 @ 5:20 pm


Join us for this webinar co-sponsored by FASD United and lead by distinguished experts on FASD. FASD is a severe developmental disability that begins at birth. Most children with FASD go through life without a diagnosis and many of these children have dependency and/ or justice system involvement. Children are often considered to be “acting out” when they display behaviors that are associated with FASD, such as tantrums in older children and impulse control issues. Without the support of diagnosis-informed care, these children often move from placement to placement and have high rates of exposure to adverse childhood experiences, leading to largely preventable secondary disabilities. A diagnosis, especially an early one, can make a big difference in terms of a child’s outcome and the severity of the disorder’s impact on their life. In addition to reviewing these FASD essentials, this training will discuss how FASD is categorized locally by the State Board of Education as well as what types of services are available locally in CA.

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