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July 13 @ 1:36 am

What are signs of grief in children, teens and young adults?
How can I utilize age-appropriate communication techniques and implement trauma-informed approaches to support healing?
How can I facilitate the creation of meaningful rituals to honor the memory of the loss?
Join us for this grief training from a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. When a child endures a loss, of any kind, they typically experience a myriad of feelings. Grief is what we typically call the natural and intense emotional response to loss. Grief is a complex set of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that occur when someone experiences a significant loss, typically a death, but it can also result from other types of losses such as separation from loved ones. Grief’s presentation varies based on the child’s developmental stage, history and the precise nature of the child’s adverse experiences. This training will focus on equipping adults with practical skills to support the children and young adults they work with. Come join us and empower yourself to be a beacon of support for vulnerable children and youth navigating loss.